Executive Protection

In today’s ever changing environment, the hiring of executive protection operatives for personal safety and protection has become a necessity for many executives and business leaders around the world.

As status, fame, corporations and organisations grow, it is common for HNWI’s (high net worth individuals) and their families and/or key employees to become targeted by opportunists, thus increasing their vulnerability to threats and risks against their personal safety.

Travel, board meetings, tours and business functions (not only in high risk environments) expose HNWI’s and their personnel to potential risks from various threats including obsessed individuals, criminal groups, terrorist organizations, and domestic and foreign business competitors.

Whether dealing with real or potential workplace violence issues relating to lay-offs, terminations, disgruntled employees or dangerous and unstable environments for corporate travellers, Madigan Associates has the solutions and the experience to provide reliable protection for CEOs and other corporate leaders.

Executive protection should never be mistaken for merely body guarding. Executives and leaders of business and industry can face a variety of threats and each require different types and levels of protection. Madigan Associates place a high importance on advance preparation and planning as well as constant risk assessment and risk management during all security operations. It is for this reason our management and personnel are all highly trained professionals that are consistently training to ensure you receive only the highest levels of personal protection available.

Madigan Associates executive protection operatives are certified and licensed by the Australian government.

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